100 Club

The 100 Club is a monthly cash prize draw that costs just £2 per month per number entered into a monthly Draw.

You could become a winner and support the Group at the same time by joining the Club

Members sign up for a

3, 6, 9 or 12 month term or until further notice and either pay in advance by cheque or by standing order.

A percentage of the members’ contributions go into the

monthly prize ‘pot’ – for which there is a month prize draw for 1st and 2nd prizes. The rest of the contributions go the Group and provide funds to keep the Group running.

The prize ‘pot’ will vary depending on the number of members in the club – the more members, the bigger the prizes.

The aim is to get at least 100 members in order to provide good prizes and swell the Group’s funds.

We currently have a selection of numbers available between 1 and 100

If you would like to join the club and become a winner, please complete the on-line form below. and the 100 Club Secretary will contact you.

100 Club

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